Terra Lion – Namibia/Botswana

After vast amounts of water, gigantic icebergs, endless marshes and quite cool temperatures at glacier San Quintin in February now in May 90 degrees of longitude eastwards will everything be different. Marion and Ralph are back in the Kalahari. game drive /Terra Lion 2014 At terrible 35 degrees Celsius a lioness rests with some cubs in the shade of a camel thorn tree. Some springbok herds and giraffes graze in the dry-as-dust Nxai salt pan. In the distance three with white loam smeared elephant bulls move through the bushes. So far only vultures squat at the nearby water hole. With cool beer and hot biltong we wait for the moment. But then another lioness rises from the high grass directly in front of us and moves ducked toward us. The Adrenalin level shoots up, as she stops next to the open window. She stares at Marion briefly. Only own pulse and the whirring of the cameras can be heard. Ralph is ready for a lightning start. We make no illusions to ourselves, the big cat could be in the car in the fraction of one second … The lioness turns away her look again. We are accepted.