Expedition San Quintín II – Chile

retreat /Expedition San Quintín II

Beautiful but unpredictable

Already at the end of the last tour through this remote rough land between ice and sea it was clear:
“We will return very soon!”
During this second independent 5-week-expedition we study in particular the most interesting hotspots of rapid change on the glacier edge of San Quintín and open up new routes to areas, that have never before been entered by humans.
Accompanied at sea by dolphins and seals, we watch whales on foraging. On land we listen to the presentation of endless frog concerts and there is a magical encounter with a handsome Puma.

Some new areas of exploration in 2016

[map data: Google, DigitalGlobe, TerraMetrics, CNES/Astrium]

Calving into the lagoon below Cuerno Bruno

At the retraiting glacier edge one can find a lot temporarily filled lagoons. Compared to our visit in 2014, we observe a rapid loss of ice mass. Over the last 5 years the retreat speed has increased significantly.